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Welcome to the support pages for the "Down Deep Inside" series of Contemporary Dark Fantasy. Here you'll find all the lore, maps, and information available on the novels and their characters. The novels in total are five: a main trilogy and two optional one-offs.

  1. Down Where The Blue Violet Beauties Bloom
  2. Deep In The Wild Dire Columbine
  3. Inside The Dark Heart Of The Garden
  4. Secret Diary Of A Young Succubus
  5. (To Be Published 2016)

To the right you'll find a listing of the five books with links to popular distributors. Click below or on the top bar to explore the Underworld maps and Lore for the novels, including lists of characters (possible spoilers), explanations of world mechanics, and setting descriptions.

You can also download the author's working notes for the novels in Excel format, including notes on themes, symbolism, a complete character list, a word usage and vocabulary list, and vocabulary of the demonic language (note there are thirteen tabs to navigate).

The "working" notes should not be considered the final word by definition, but only the information reviewed and chosen to represent canon for this website. Thanks for visiting.

Shar isn't the best angel girl. She skips classes. She dives in the sky. She gives forbidden kisses to boys, but she feels little for them. When an apparent accident causes her to fall, Shar awakens in an emotional realm where pleasure and pain are ten times more intense than in Heaven.

In an Underworld city ruled by a Love goddess, Shar is adopted by a succubus who sees potential in encouraging her rebellious urges. Shar must re-evaluate her sense of self in a society where the patriarchy is turned on its head. The women are powerful, magical, and dominant.

Meanwhile, Anin sets out from Heaven to rescue his former girlfriend by force if necessary. He intends to prove his angel skills and his love for Shar, but he is quickly tested. All males who enter the Lady's city must bond with a succubus, and thus the sacred path of Love.

Suspenseful, philosophical, and filled with swords, sorcery, and sex, this book shines an open-minded light on Heaven, Hell, and the great war of ages.

Important Characters
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Maps, Regions, And Cities
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Magic, Mechanics, And Vocabulary
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The "Down Deep Inside" Novel Trilogy
(+ Secret Diary)

  • book coverDown Where The Blue Violet Beauties Bloom

    Shar falls from Heaven. In the Underworld, she is adopted by the New Order succubi and the great Lady. Anin jumps from Heaven to stage a daring rescue, but he soon finds a powerful rival for Shar's heart and attention. Shar finds herself torn between her old, virtuous choir-girl world and her deadly, lustful life among the succubi in the Lady's hidden utopia. 138,000 words. ISBN-13: 978-0-9969243-0-6. Preview and/or purchase at Smashwords, Amazon, Apple iBooks, and other retailers.
  • book coverDeep In The Wild Dire Columbine

    The storm clouds continue to approach the Lady's city from every direction. In a bid for survival, a new alliance brings a clan of bloodthirsty dream-magicians to stalk the streets of the city. Shar pushes ever further into her new world, and her hubris propels her headfirst into a life-defining challenge. Anin's duties invite disturbing situations with the visitors, while Mistress Portiah also takes a walk on the wild side. 134,000 words. ISBN-13: 978-0-9969243-1-3. Preview and/or purchase at Smashwords, Amazon, Apple iBooks, and other retailers.
  • book coverInside The Dark Heart Of The Garden

    Shar finds herself adopted by a wicked and ancient mistress. In between her lessons in the deadly arts, Shar seeks ever more solace in addiction and perverse pleasures, while the seduction of unlimited wealth and power continue to conflict with her lingering muddy senses of ethics and morality. Meanwhile, Theodorah is hell-bent on untangling Shar from the clutches of the wicked sorceress who holds her as a virtual prisoner. 131,000 words. ISBN-13: 978-0-9969243-2-0. Preview and/or purchase at Smashwords, Amazon, Apple iBooks, and other retailers.
  • book coverSecret Diary Of A Young Succubus

    Independent Intro: In a remote chateau in Tartarus, a fallen angel learns the dark succubus arts. An intimate and forbidden relationship grows between her and her elder married mistress. She searches for truth and love in her life of wickedness and addiction.
    Trilogy Intro: Shar's own hand fills in the time gap between the second and third installments of the main trilogy. She writes a rambling, broken account of her life in the depths of Tartarus, with anecdotes on her adventures with her incubus boyfriend, her life as a nectar addict, her indoctrination into dedication to Lilith, and her intimate relationship with her cruel yet beautiful elder mistress. 115,000 words.Preview and/or purchase at Smashwords, Amazon, Apple iBooks, and other retailers.
  • (Title Undisclosed, Release 2016)

    The geopolitical story arc of the Down Deep trilogy is concluded in this volume. Romica awakens to find Earth on the brink of destruction. She strives to re-discover passion while questioning her loyalty to her clan and Patriarch. Meanwhile, a world-famous vampire hunter from Texas is intent on vengeance. The world might not end yet, but he needs one more kill before he can rest. 105,000 words.