Characters I: Elysium And Angels

This is an alphabetical reference list of some important characters in the "Down Deep" novel series. Separate lore is not yet available for the Owl River game, which takes place in the same world. Some lore may not be in the final edit of the books, and this section of lore is most likely to contain spoilers. To find a character, you can also use cntrl-F in your browser. To find more information on divines and factions, refer to the factions and gods reference.

  • Anin Al Adin

    Anin is a youthful, strong-willed angel boy with light brown skin and chocolate eyes. In a way, Anin is the opposite of Shar. While Shar rebels to express her stifled and repressed sense of self, Anin rebels to mask his insecurities and sins. Nonetheless, Anin wants to be an important, heroic angel one day and work as an adventurous secret agent for the Ministry of Ignominious Affairs.
  • Anubis

    Anubis is a demigod possessor, a devil-spawn son of Lord Hades in His dog form of Set. Anubis is an ancient being with mysterious motives and his own code of ethics. He works as a bounty hunter, but he prefers to avoid overtly taking sides in the Great War. He is afraid of his father. Anubis speaks English with a sentence structure influenced by Arabic. His magical specialty is the realm of death. He is known for a number of names, most notably "the Jackal."
  • Apolloniah

    Mistress Appoloniah is a master craftsmistress and builder in the Lady's city, entrusted with many public works for the city's benefit.
  • Arachneh

    Mistress Arachneh is a slender, petite, sophisticated beauty mistress with jewels interpersed in her powdered hair. She is a weaver of the finest tapestries in all of the Underworld. Her fashion sense and knowledge of courtly comportment are considered impeccable, at least by the lower standards among the New Order succubi in the Lady's city.
  • Artemisiah

    Mistress Artemisiah (Artemis) is an aspect, or avatar, of the Lady. Her tracking abilities are legendary, and so are her abilities to escape from any difficult situation. She is the Lady's chief spy in the Underworld. See also gods and politics.
  • Balan

    Balan is a muscled young male acolytos who serves Mistress Freyah. His handsomeness and gentle, yet aggressive demeanor makes him a popular go-fer in the city, and he wields his blade in service of the Lady whenever called upon.
  • Calimah

    Commander Calimah is Lieutenant Phareh's former mentor and mistress. Calimah has a worn visage with brown-grey hair, a semi-formal Sisterhood uniform, and typically a sword at her hip. She is undergoing her transformation into elder succubus age, and walks with a slight limp.
  • Chen

    Chen is Tenweh's housemaid. She is youthful with a round, moonlike face and ample breasts. She is the Asian echo of Wen, Tenweh's attentive dressing-girl.
  • Cisca

    Cisca is formerly Dierdrah's acolytos, but is given to Theodorah upon Dierdrah's presumed death. In her earthly life, she hailed from a small town in Spain. She is a short, voluptuous glutton. She enjoys nectar and forbidden sex with her partner in crime, Trace.
  • Demetriah

    Mistress Demetriah (Demeter) is another conflated mother aspect, or avatar, of the Lady. Her healing abilities are legendary. She is traditionally the goddess of harvest and fertility of the Earth. She is connected to Aphrodite through ancient mystery cults of female priests with a direct connection to the Underworld. Demetriah's daughter is Persephoneh (Persephone), the former wife of Lord Hades before Lilith.
  • Duriel

    Duriel is an archangel and an important figure in the Ministry Of Ignominious Affairs. He interviews Shar and determines that she's perfect for the Ministry task at hand. He is tall, old, bearded, and kind. When in Elysium he towers over the succubi to the point of scraping the ceiling. The emotional realm also seems to pull forth in Duriel an impatience and edginess that is far from virtuous perfection.
  • Gallinah

    Mistress Gallinah is the city busybody and gossip. She is pleasant, robed, and rotund. She loves crafts. She lives and keeps things organized in the city workshop district. She is often seen in the streets making personal deliveries with a woven basket in hand.
  • Greybeard

    The Greybeard clan is the largest, strongest, and oldest werewolf clan with a presence in Elysium. Their success is built on the back of the nigh-invincible Greybeard, who must have been a half-giant in the former century during which he walked the Earth.
  • Grimble

    Professor Grimble teaches history and math at the Holy College of Sacred Doves. He's a stern, oniony professor with little patience for underperforming, disrespectful, miscreant angels.
  • Hatshepseh

    Mistress Hatshepseh is an Egyptian milliner and shopkeeper in the workshop district of the Lady's city. Her modest home is across the road from Theodorah's home.
  • Henne-si

    Henne is the fledgling of Mistress Tenweh. She is also Tenweh's younger lover, but Henne is reluctant to ever speak or wax poetic on her adventures in bed. She is a beautiful, pale-skinned artiste with a mane of fine red-gold hair and faint freckles. She has a strong but gentle hand for sculpting. Henne's bird is a brown catbird. Her philosophy is to survive and adapt.
  • Inannah

    Mistress Ambassador Inannah is an elder succubus, conflated with the Sumerian goddess of the same name. Inannah has platinum white hair and loves diamonds. She is a writer, francophile, polyglot, and famous collector of angel slaves. She rose from obscurity to power on the back of her successes and manipulations during the French revolution. When her incubus husband died (King Henry II), she subsequently married one of Lord Hades' eldest sons, Archduke Asmodai. While it's considered rare for a succubus to ever marry a diabolical pain-lover, Inannah has always lived for power and influence. As Asmodai's wife, she became one of the few succubi ever promoted to the status of ambassador for Hell. Inannah is known as a skilled illusionist and enchantress. She is a cunning adversary who shows no pity for her enemies, just as her husband shows no pity for her flesh in their conjugal bed.
  • Ishildah

    Ishildah is a dirty blonde mistress of magic and a puffer of fine pipery. She is perpetually good natured, loves a good joke, and especially likes elementalism and magical pets.
  • Jade Turtle

    "Turtle" is an Asian fledgling, a student of Mistress Silver Fox. She is lanky and strapping among the relatively gentle fledglings of the New Order succubi. Everyone respects the strength of Turtle's fearless long blade.
  • Julian

    Julian is a big, muscular, olive-skinned acolytos who goes nude except for black silk pantaloons and a smattering of gold ornaments on his wrists, fingers, and earlobes. Julian is a musician cum handyman in service of Mistress Portiah. In the morning, the sound of his hammer often clinks across the chateau lawns, to be replaced by the tinkle of Portiah's piano in the evening.
  • Katia-si

    Katia is a fledgling mentioned by Kundra as having been taken by the Old Order during the brief but devastating occupation.
  • Kouritsi

    Portiah's housegirl is a Greek with long, curly hair, a beakish nose, and ample hips. Like Portiah's other acolytoi, Kouritsi is wilful and spirited, but seems to have few desires of her own other than to serve in Portiah's chateau in every way the mistress wishes.
  • Kundra-si

    Kundra is a sleek, sensuous black fledgling with perfect curves. Kundra's dark, often oiled body seems to glow with her mysterious beauty like an eclipsed moon. Her bird is a small brown sparrow. Kundra cultivates her own pride, and she doesn't shy away from testing her will against the other fledglings in the city.
  • Laurent

    Mistress Portiah's gardener is a big French man with gentle hands, a large nose, and a worn workman's hat. He lives in the humble wooden gardener's cottage just north of her chateau. He has obediently shoveled and hoed Portiah's various scented gardens for a few centuries.
  • Mab

    Queen Mab rules over the Unseelie Court of the Fey. The Unseelie Court is the home of hobgoblins, dark elves, wicked fairies and gnomes in the far east reaches of Elysium, on the darker, gloomier bone-strewn coasts of the Sea of Desire. Portiah comments that Mab is a skilled fairy blade mistress who wields a wicked bodkin at tremendous speed.
  • Marcus

    Marcus is the eldest of the Four Brothers. Old, hirsute, and burly, Marcus is a fearsome leader who cares deeply about his clan. He is also an intelligent and skilled strategist, which is how clan has survived for so long to become a force in Eastern Elysium. Marcus isn't so skilled with handling women, however.
  • Minnie-si

    Minnie is a sturdy and capable blade fledgling, mentored by Mistress Pyrinnah. In the third book, she has joined the Serpent Sisterhood.
  • Minou

    Minou is young and speaks with a heavy French accent (her name in French means 'pussycat'). She's hardly more than a teen, and the bones of her petite body project at odd angles like a little doll. Her breasts are round and puffy, and she often wears a black leather collar matching her dark hair. Her eyes are dark brown and liquid over her painted rosebud mouth.
  • Missy May

    Missy is a perfectly accoutered and straight-A senior student in the Holy College of Sacred Doves. Missy is a queerly nerve-wracking figure of both envy and attraction for Shar.
  • Noxie

    Noxie is a palace acolytos who befriends Anin. She prefers a pale pink skirt and an underbust corset. She enjoys serving both Cupid and Priapus, and as a favorite of the latter, she leads a relatively pampered life with rarely any of the more strenuous, sweaty, and unfortunate maid duties for the Lady and family.
  • Octavia

    Octavia the Younger was the sister of the first Roman Emperor, Augustus, and fourth wife of Mark Antony. She was also the mother-in-law of the Emperor Tiberius, great-grandmother of the Emperor Caligula and Empress Agrippina the Younger. One of the most prominent women in Roman history, Octavia was respected and admired by contemporaries for her loyalty, nobility and humanity, and for her traditional Roman feminine virtues. In Heaven, she quickly rose to the highest ranks of the Ministry, then was appointed to the most dangerous and difficult post of all: an ambassador for Heaven in Hell. When the Great War re-ignited, Octavia was arrested and sentenced to the Dungeons of Dis as a war prisoner.
  • Portiah

    portiahPortiah is an elder succubus with greying hair, typically single-braided with pearl pins. She is a legendary blade mistress in the Underworld, and a former star fledgling in the Serpent Sisterhood. Most would call her a lone wolf. Some would call her a merciless killer, the "Butcher of Dis". In her elder years, she has a passion for teaching fledgling blade students. Portiah cares for her students like a mother wolf for its cubs, but she insists nonetheless on perfection.
  • Postlewort

    Professor Postlewort teaches Botany and other "science" subjects in Heaven, casting the light of Lord Deus on all things natural in Heaven and Earth. Postlewort is secretly curious about Botany in the Underworld, and dares to research such a forbidden subject.
  • Sekhmet

    Sekhmet is a tall, lion-headed goddess with lazy cat eyes and magnificent divine fire magic. Sekhmet calls herself "the Lady of Slaughter". As an ancient wife-sister of Ptah, she forms the Triade of Memphis, together with their son Nefertem. In recent centuries, she has lived quietly in the Underworld counterpart of her Earth home, presiding over a small hidden sect of renegade Egyptian succubi who still worship her. Convential wisdom among those in the know says to never bother Sekhmet, never bother her sacred cats, and never raise a ruckus in her nectar-scented temple.
  • Shar Di Salvo

    SharShar was registered with Heaven in the year 1818 as Valentina Sharlotta Di Salvo from Florence, Italy. Her earthly French father and brother are upstanding librarians in Heaven, but her mother was a pagan who went the other way. In Heaven, Shar is an insecure, blond-haired, blue-eyed "rule-breaker" with a lazy eye when she is nervous, as Portiah observes. Shar is a bit prideful, which happens to be a desirable trait among the succubi. Her messenger bird is a blue finch.
  • Silver Fox

    Mistress Silver Fox is a sturdy, passionate, and cunning Asian blade mistress with a sharp tongue. Although skeptical from the very beginning of the succubus schism, she dared to join the Lady's city for the freedom to love other women, where she met Jade Turtle.
  • Tenweh

    Tenweh is the mistress, mentor, and elder lover of Henne-si, Shar's friend. Tenweh enjoys tea parties, costumes, and philosophical banter.
  • Theodorah Senatrix

    theodora senatrixTheodorah was once an honorary senator of Rome, the wife of Theophylact, and the mother of Marozia. When she died, she was judged and denied entry to Heaven. Her beauty and intelligence were well-noted by the devils, however. She was chained, caged, and later open-auctioned in the city of Dis. Her purchaser was the perverse Egyptian cat goddess, Basteh. For centuries Theodorah served as a whore for coins in the city of Caina, until her potential was noticed in passing by Lady Aphrodite. The Lady rescued Theodorah from an ignoble fate in return for her spying services. Theodorah's lips are stained blue from her long use of the blue nectar in Elysium. She has pale blue eyes and wild red-brown/auburn hair. He bird is a green and gold finch.
  • Titania

    Queen Titania rules over the Seelie Court of the Fey with Lord Oberon. The Seelie Court is in the Blessed Isles, not far off the coasts of the Asphodel Meadows in western Elysium. The spired towers, sweet vineyards, and flowery halls are the homes of the light elves, dryads, nymphs, good gnomes and fairies. Each year, the Fey must tithe slaves to Lord Hades, to fulfull ancient contracts for safe residence in his realm.
  • Trace

    Trace was formerly Dierdrah's acolytos, but he was given by the Lady to Theodorah, along with Cisca. He has a heavy Italian nose and a ponytail that pleased Dierdrah. He is an older boy and competent with chores, but less given over to losing himself in subservience. After Dierdrah's death, Trace is restless, unfulfilled, and wants a 'real' Mistress to serve, one who will indulge him.
  • Veronique

    Veronique is a city acolytos, a girl of the stables, made available by the Lady to whoever may need her services. Her services are well known and appreciated in the city.
  • Violet Vanderhuf

    Violet is a sophomore angel who had the misfortune to fall from Heaven, illustrating the dangers that Anin and Shar managed to evade in the shelter of the Lady. Violet is blonde-haired and blue-eyed, and squeaks cutely when pressed with either pleasure or discomfort. She is fascinated by the life in little insects.
  • Vorne

    Vorne is a member of the Four Brothers clan of werewolves. He is big, burly, and red-furred, with a smiling snout. He admires that Shar can be feminine yet still carry and wield a sword.

Characters II: Tartarus And Vampires

This is an alphabetical reference list of important characters in the "Down Deep" novel series. Some lore may not be in the final edit of the books, and this section of lore is most likely to contain spoilers. To find a character, you can also use cntrl-F in your browser. To find more information on divines and factions, refer to the factions and gods list.

  • Alexos Feign

    Alexos is the leader of the Feign family of Gypsies. While well regarded as a man of character, recent bad business dealings have caused his family to fall on hard times. Alexos has turned to seek private solace in nectar and the pleasures of women.
  • Amanoch Traumer

    This elder leader of the Traumeri clan is taller than the other vampires. His strong jaw frames a dark, devilish goatee. Tattoos adorn his back in interlocking circles. He is a highly skilled dream magician. He wears his hair long. Amanoch can be arrogant to the point of cruelty in his age, privilege, and power, but he has an underlying love and compassion that he claims was only brought forth due to tricks by Cupid.
  • Andros

    Master Andros is Henne's lover and husband-to-be in the third book. He is a rich half-breed incubus son of Archduke Apollyon with Lilith. He serves as a minor official in Hell's Court.
  • Astaarteh

    Along with Ereshkigeh, Mistress Astaarteh is one of the two "first fledglings" under the tutelage of Lady Lilith, and consequently she is one of the eldest and most powerful succubi in existence. With her half-divine titanic blood, she is nearly unkillable.
  • Asmodai

    Archduke Asmodai is the husband of Ambassador Inannah. He is one of the firstborn, one of the sextuplets spawned from the first union of Lady Lilith and Lord Hades. He has yellow eyes and yellowish skin, unlike the dull grey of the lesser devils, mottled in places with burgundy blotches. He customarily wears a black serge suit and a sword cane. He is chief executor of Lord Hades' Court. His hobbies include killing and torturing Court prisoners, as well as adultery with the wife of his best friend. On occasional weekends he enjoys surgery on his slaves without anesthesia, experimenting with plagues, and making his wife miserable and unhappy in the most devious ways.
  • Basteh

    bastetBasteh is the cat-goddess sister of Lady Sekhmet. Basteh is Theodorah's former mistress, and in the present day still lives in the rural outskirts of the city of Caina where Pan and Tisiphone govern. Basteh runs a brothel of trained cat girls and boys for the pleasure of the citizens of Caina. She is a cunning, materialistic businesswoman with fierce competition.
  • Beign Speed

    Beign is the kommissar of the New Orleans chantry of Traumeri vampires. He wears a smoking jacket and antique gold-rimmed glasses. He likes to collect oil paintings, antiques, and handsome human men. He likes the finer things in life, and he prefers to avoid conflict and bloodshed. He has no problems bending over for powerful men.
  • Cephisso Feign

    Cephisso has the Underworld appearance of a Gypsy boy 16-18 years of age, but he lived past 40 in his Earth life in the eighteenth century. He has dark shoulder-length hair and a gentle scruff on his underchin. He's an excellent guitar player and composer. He still pines for his one true love, his Beatrice who went to Heaven without him. He believes true love exists, and speaks highly of angelic virtues.
  • Cole

    Cole is a wealthy English incubus with two homes, one in Dis and one in Apertura Arroyo in northern Tartarus. He's a strong man with shaggy dark hair, a hairy chest, a muscled stomach, and a thick neck. He likes hunting both wild beasts and women. He studies languages with a specialty in Roman and Italian poetry.
  • Ernan Feign

    Ernan is Cephisso's uncle. He is the Feign's nectar specialist and chemist, and he exemplifies the less noble qualities of the Gypsies, always interested in coins and survival. With his grey-bristled and balding head, sagging eyelids, stooped posture, and crooked-toothed grimace, he appears much like a shriveled ogre in miniature.
  • Fubuki-si

    Fubuki is a wealthy Asian fashion plate among the most elite young succubi of the capital city. She spends enormous attention on her face and nail-painting. She has a small nose piercing, and her eyebrows are painted lines. She is the envy of many less wealthy and fashionable fledglings.
  • Gertrude Traumer

    Patriarch Liest Traumer's wife and figurehead of the alliance delegation is old, and her pale skin is shrunken tight to her bones. Her eyes are heavy with thick wrinkled lids, and her lips are wide and thin. For a century or more, she has lived separately from Liest, after giving up her attempts to rein in his desires for other, younger women, including Romica.
  • Henri LeJeune

    Henri Lejeune is an up-and-coming incubus slave trader in the capital city of Dis. He's portly, French, and businesslike. Like many slavemongerers, he runs a small side business in the nectar trade. Unlike most, however, he keeps his business legal and above the table in every way. He aims to be one of the Disian wealthy and respectable one day.
  • Jayeh

    Mistress Jayeh is a debutante, a recently-fledged young mistress. She is a sleek, skinny brunette and nectar-lover. She is a poet and musician. She is conflicted over her lesbian preferences. She introduces Shar to Rhyming Blue Beauty.
  • Jiaoeh

    Mistress Jiaoeh, formerly Empress Jaioeh of the Han dynasty, used witchcraft against her rivals for the Emperor's attentions and caused three hundred people to be executed. She later attempted to regain Emperor Wu's sympathy by hiring the famous poet Sima Xiangru to compose a song, which is later known as The Ode of Long Gate. In the Underworld, Xiangru became Jiaoeh's slave, a replacement for the Emperor, her true and eternal love who went to Heaven. Jiaoeh later purchased Su Xiaoxiao at auction to work at her poetry club called the Gold Heron. Jiaoeh lives in the Heron Lake English district, as she isn't well-liked in the Asian quarter of the capital city.
  • Karmallah

    Mistress Karmallah is a Serpent Sisterhood sorceress, skilled in the placement of permanent sacra vipera spells in residences and precincts blessed by Lilith.
  • Kiree

    Kiree is a relatively attractive demon with the blood of some unknown hooved animal. Her thick red-brown hair is punctuated by the nubs of horns. She knows how to work her shapely derriere and sinuous (some would say sensuous) tail. She carries five brands from former owners and only speaks demonic.
  • Kourais Feign

    Kourais is the bisexual wife of Alexos, the Patriarch of the Feign family. She is much admired for her almost elven artistic sense, gentle beauty, and ability to calm the storm of almost any heated argument. Her willowy demureness stops at the threshold of the bedchamber however, where she quietly insists on wanting what she wants, even if it's a wild and beautiful succubus.
  • Kveta

    Kveta is a winter housegirl for Archduke Asmodai at Beaujardin in the capital city. Kveta is older than most of Asmodai's slave girls, of middle age in human terms. Kveta wears the signs of long exposure to Master Asmodai's cruel and painful desires. She has a long scar down one cheek, several on her neck, and far more down lower. Otherwise, Kveta is a beautiful girl with limpid brown eyes and serviceable assets for the idle pleasure of the Master's guests.
  • Lexei

    Lexei is Romica's childe and husband. He is a tall, clean-shaven, good-natured vampire. He hails from London, but Romica found him in Prague in 1933. Normally childer are strictly controlled among the Traumeri, but Romica convinced Patriarch Liest to allow her to have Lexei. In her heart, Romica's request for Lexei was secretly an ultimatum and a final bid for Liest and the position of new clan matriarch. The result instead was a marriage to Lexei, a bond that eventually left Romica dissatisfied and disappointed with her position in the Traumeri clan.
  • Liest Traumer

    Liest is the Patriarch (leader) of the Traumeri clan, made vampire in the 15th century. He is a self-made sorcerer and pioneered his clan's centuries-long investment and research in dream magic. He is highly covetous of the secrets of the titanic art of soul-stealing called Inspirivor, but his clan duties (as well as self-indulgence) make it difficult to conduct research, so he delegates the responsibility to Romica. Liest more or less ignores Gertrude, his submissive elder wife, except for indulging her whims when his blessing is requested. He is a womanizer with countless affairs over the centuries. He is perhaps the most powerful non-divine dream magician in existence.
  • Minette George

    Minette was the kommissar of the Golden, Colorado chantry, which was burned by vampire hunters. Minette escaped to her own secret personal residence in Engelwood, south of Denver. She has two German shepherds. She is in her twenties in appearance. She was turned vampire at the turn of the 18th century after she'd fled France to escape the French Revolution. She was a high-class deer girl at the French Court, dragged into liasons with royals as a young teen. When her client and pimp were both arrested, she fled to Austria with another male client, in fear for her life. She met Liest in Austria, who hired (or simply took) her services. She fell in love with him, and Liest took her human life and gifted her with immortality.
  • Nissia

    NissiaNissia is a green-eyed Fey princess, the niece of Lord Oberon of the Seelie Court. She was captured along with several other Fey royals during the sack of the Blessed Isles by Hell's Army. Nissia longs to return home, or at least re-unite with her former elven lover, Luma. Both girls were sentenced by Hell's Court to serve as slaves to wealthy owners in Dis.
  • Olivetta

    Olivetta is Romica's former aide, secretary, confidante, and lover at the Los Angeles chantry before the clan crumbled. Romica eventually seeks to re-unite with Olivetta for both financial and personal reasons.
  • Orithyiah

    orithyiahMistress Orithyiah is the devil wife of Judge Rhadamanthus. She is a long-tressed, wealthy she-devil, a patron of the arts and fashion in Dis. Orithyiah is skilled in the arts of manipulation of others to inflict suffering for her pleasure. Like many devils, her nose is frog-like. She has salamandery ash-yellow skin and prefers perfumes with smoky undertones. She loves suffering in all forms. She enjoys receiving surgery and watching surgery done on others. She enjoys inducing other women into uncontrollable addiction, thereby proving her superiority.
  • Özlemeh

    Phareh's ex-girlfriend is a Turkish military trainer for the Serpent Sisterhood in the capital city of Dis. Öz is an accomplished dream-traveler in her spare time, often frequenting the fluid mediums that allow succubi to access and take love from humans still living on modern Earth. It is on Earth were Öz finds most of her safe female companionship, far from the judging eyes of Lord Hades and the Hell's Court devils.
  • Paulo

    Like Vladimir, Paulo is a favorite dressing-boy of Inannah. He has caramel eyes, dark short hair, a broad chest, and tanned skin. He's competent with sewing and helps Shar recover some of her forgotten angel girl skills.
  • Phareh

    Lieutenant Phareh is a skilled blade mistress for the Serpent Sisterhood. Her abilities include the control whip and the subjugation of prisoners captured in the field. She is attractive yet muscled and sturdy like a man, with brown hair and strong shoulders. While she always formally toes the line and obeys her superiors, she secretly resents the laws against lesbians when they affect her directly.
  • Romica Cargal

    Romica has a near-perfect model's body as a vampire, with an apparent age in her early thirties. She has shoulder-length black hair and green eyes with gold flakes. She was selling spells and fortunes when Liest met her in Prague. Liest ascertained that she wasn't too ethical to sell him a roll in the hay, nor was her witchery mere parlor games. Liest recruited her to the clan for her full package of impressive assets, both developed and undeveloped. Romica's signature spell is the flock of ravens. She also developed a spell to lend herself magical wings when she is in need. She is capable with a blade. She was a lover of Patriarch Liest during the early 20th century, and was later given the post of kommissar of the Los Angeles chantry for the Traumeri vampires. Romica's quest, given to her by the Patriarch, is to research the ancient art of Inspirivor and ferret its secrets by any means necessary.
  • Snow-Under-Moon

    Mistress Snow is a skilled tracker for the Serpent Sisterhood. She is a quiet, almond-skinned succubus with long, dark, straight hair in a center part, turquoise earrings, and a solid body that gives her an aura of both femininity and dependability. Like most succubi, Snow is married, wears a diamond ring, and loathes lesbians and other species who deviate from the expectations of Lord Hades.
  • Thyrah

    Mistress Thyrah is eventually Cole's newlywed wife. Thyrah's hair is rolled in the front with little twists under her tiara like the twists in a loaf of bread. Thyrah had two earth incarnations as Earth royalty in Denmark, one as princess of Denmark and Duchess of Cumberland, and the other as Thyra (correctly spelled Þyrvé), who was the consort of King Gorm the Old of Denmark. In her second life on Earth, living as a succubus in flesh, she claimed Vilhelm Frimann Marcher as a slave, and she still keeps him in her home in Dis where he serves her obediently.
  • Trigo

    Master Trigo is a nectar grinder and dealer in the capital city of Dis. Trigo is a scraggly incubus who has fallen on hard times, and will do almost anything for personal survival and a secure purse of coins.
  • Todmartha

    Master Todmartha, or "The Toad", is a slumlord, slave dealer, and real estate baron on the west side of the capital city of Dis. He does business from extensive reinforced pits under his lively west side demon bar, the Toadstool. Like many of his ilk, he isn't above sanding off a slave brand or forging "official" documents.
  • Valeriu

    Like Yousef, Valeriu is a personal bodyguard for Amanoch Traumer during the alliance with Aphrodite.
  • Vicenzo Putti

    Vicenzo is the leader of the Traumeri chantry in Los Angeles after Romica is displaced during her long sleep. He is older, clean-shaven, and bald. He wears a business suit. He has been tasked by the leader of the Disciples to deliver Romica to Egypt.
  • Vladimir

    This intelligent, older human male is a recent acquisition in the slave pit of Inannah and Archduke Asmodai. He was a former skilled and famous writer on Earth. During his days in the afterlife, he works on Russian translations of Inannah's books. He also serves as her seasonal houseboy.
  • Yousef

    Yousef is a personal guard for Amanoch Traumer. Yousef is a sturdy, muscled specimen, one of the originals to be turned by Liest, a loyal soldier for the clan in former centuries. He was eventually demoted to a bodyguard of Amanoch instead of the Patriarch, handling whatever dirty work that needed to be done. He was later promoted to kommissar of the Miami chantry. He is the epitome of the old Romanian stock, with short dark hair and a goatee framing a square jaw and thin lips.